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SP.OR.T.S. Fitness & Training Rates 



Are you new to exercise? Perhaps you are recovering from surgery, or simply are bored with your current exercise routine. Whatever your circumstances, a qualified fitness specialist at SP.OR.T.S. can help you determine the safest and best exercises to meet your health and fitness goals.

We focus on a combination of strength training, HIIT training, TRX training, stability, and core strengthening to provide you with a unique fitness experience. We strive to help you maintain a healthy balance between your workout goals and your life with personal training sessions or fitness classes. 


Class Options:

There are many benefits to strength training, HIIT training, functional fitness and core focus. That is why all of the classes at SP.OR.T.S. are a unique combination of strength, HIIT, core and functional training! Every class will be different and challenge you in a new way every time!


Single Class: $10.00

3 class pass: $45.00

5 class pass: $65.00

8 class pass: $99.00


Personal Training Options: 


Meet and train with our certified personal trainer to develop a customized program designed to meet all of your goals. All personal training sessions are for 1 hour with our trainer. We have packages available for purchase.


Price    Training Sessions    Price Per Session    Savings


$80             1  Session                          $80                      N/A
$200          3 Sessions                          $66.60                $15
$360          6 Sessions                          $60                     $50
$495          9 Sessions                          $55                     $100
$600        12 Sessions                          $50                     $180
$900        20 Sessions                          $45                     $500

You do not need to be a Sports Therapy patient to take advantage of one-on-one personal training services. 

Call (301) 946-7717 to schedule and your first personal training session is on us!

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