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We pride ourself in great service and fast recovery. Learn about our patients' experiences receiving treatment at SP.OR.T.S. 

"I have been coming to PT to recover from my back surgery. I was in so much pain and also feeling very down. Josephine made me feel welcome and gave me hope right from the start. While I was scared, she made me feel like I could get stronger. Then, while she was out, I also started working with Seema who is equally supportive and helpful. What I find very helpful is that I can work with both of them and they always communicate with each other. While I am not pain-free (yet) I am so much stronger and walking much better."

Sara J.

I did not expect much in undergoing another round of physical therapy with a new clinic such as SPORTS. My expectations to improve my overall complaint regarding my right shoulder pain was more than met. I received a good explanation regarding my complaint, therapy I will undergo, and what I need to do to sustain the improvement in my shoulder problem. All the staff is very friendly and the aids who work; the therapists are very knowledgeable and ready to assist. I will recommend Karim and his staff to my relatives and friends. Great job.


Monina A.

Karim has always given me perfect advice and always answered my questions. The exercise program that was recommended for me both in therapy and at home surely helped to resolve my neck and shoulder problems. I would highly recommend Karim to “all” as a very knowledgeable and devoted physical therapist.

Beverly W.

I arrived at SPORTS in January 2016 after a double hip replacement a month earlier. At the end of the march; I am able to walk without assistance and achieve about 99% of my old lifestyle. All this from a great surgeon and therapist. Thank you SPORTS!

Emmanuel A.

Every staff member who assisted and guided me were pleasant and knew what they were doing to help me get stronger and better balanced. Overall it was a very pleasant experience for me.

Charles B.

I came to SPORTS feeling a bit depressed. My collar bone was out of place. I could not play volleyball- my favorite sport. Karim helped me with the collar bone and essentially helped get me back in shape. The sports equipment he chose for me, fit right into getting me in shape and back to volleyball. (Forgot to mention that my former NIH PT popped the collar bone out of place).​​

Sadie P.W.

Josephine was wonderful. When I started I had great difficulty in movement of my right shoulder and right hip. Josephine greatly helped me improve my range of movement, reduce, pain, and feel confident in the exercises we did. She also worked hands-on, moving limbs to make them more limber and massaging sore parts. She did all this with great skill, humor, and tact. The rest of the staff was also wonderful – helpful and personable. All this together made my physical therapy experience here most helpful, positive, and even enjoyable.

Thomas H.

Great experience! Wonderful, qualified staff! Finished my treatment, feel so much better- am able to cross my legs again. Loved that PT staff always explained how it works and why, and offered many exercises. Thank you all.

Alec S.

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