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Bring the following to your appointment:


  • A written referral or prescription as required by your insurance plan

  • A copy of your insurance card so we can verify your benefits and your driver's license or a photo ID

  • Your co-pay. Payment is due when services are rendered. We accept Visa and Mastercard

  • For new patients, we will charge a one-time $10 processing fee. This bill is not charged to your insurance company. The fee will be collected at the time of your initial visit.

  • Any other insurance or claim information

  • A list of medications you take, dates of previous surgeries and special tests like MRI’s, X-rays, etc

  • Loose clothing especially for neck and shoulder problems and shorts or loose pants for lower body injuries

New Patient Information



Sports and Orthopaedic Therapy Services, LLC participates with most insurance plans and carriers. All therapists are Medicare-certified and understand the limits of the current cap restriction on benefits. We do not participate with United Health Care but take their patients with out-of-plan benefits charging the in-plan co-pay.  Please visit our insurance page to find out if we cover your health plan.

Prescription/Referral Forms


Maryland is a direct access state which allows patients to legally obtain the services of a physical therapist without a physician’s referral and to see the therapist of their choosing even if the physician suggests someone else. However, many insurance carriers still require a prescription (from a physician) or referral (from your primary care physician) before they will authorize treatment. Some require pre-authorization before the therapist can even evaluate you. Please understand and follow the guidelines of your plan.


Physicians do not backdate these and will respond faster to your requests than ours. As a courtesy, we can help contact them but we expect everything to be in place before you schedule your appointment. To speed up the initial appointment processing, our initial appointment forms can be downloaded. We encourage all patients to have the information filled out in advance so your treatment won't be delayed or disrupted. 


Appointment Time


On the first visit you will need approximately 15 minutes to check in before the therapist will see you. This is built into your appointment time. Patient treatments are spaced so the therapist can provide the optimal amount of one-on-one care. Patients who are later than 10 minutes for their appointment may be asked to reschedule. We appreciate the inconsistencies traveling in a big city environment so we try to be understanding. However, please remember we must minimize the negative impact on other patients’ treatments. 


PIP Claims & Worker's Compensation


You must tell us if your injury is the result of a motor vehicle accident even if you do not want to use you car insurance. For PIP (personal injury auto insurance) claims, you will need the date of the accident, the adjustor’s name and the claim number.

Worker’s Compensation patients must always have the employer, date of injury, adjuster and the case number information with all addresses. All visits are pre-authorized.


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