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How common is back and neck pain?


According to the most recent data from the National Institute of Health, in a 3-month period, more than one-fourth of U.S. adults experience at least 1 day of back pain. It is one of our society’s most common medical problems, about 80 percent of the U.S. population will experience back pain or neck pain in their lifetimes.


When should you seek treatment for the pain?


A trip to the doctor or a physical therapist is a good idea if you have numbness or tingling if your pain is severe and doesn’t improve with medication and rest. Patients who seek treatment from their neck and back pain are often surprised to learn that some other problems they’ve been experiencing might be related.


How can back and neck pain be treated?


Treatment for back pain generally depends on what kind of pain you experience: acute or chronic. Our patients are often referred to us by their primary physicians or by a specialist, and we’ll continue to work with your medical team to treat the specific cause of your pain. Our highly trained physical therapists will also give you a full evaluation, including a spinal alignment assessment, simple tests to evaluate muscle strength in the areas that support your back or neck, and range-of-motion evaluations.


Once we’ve pinpointed the main cause of your neck or back pain, we’ll develop a treatment plan with you. In your sessions, you’ll be taken through moves that build strength and flexibility. Our team will also help you learn how to better position yourself during your daily life to avoid relapses, including ergonomic and posture tips.

Call us today so we can help you quickly resolve the debilitating back or neck pain you’re feeling now – and learn how to prevent it in the future.



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